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Legalization or authentication is a process where the authority which issued the document verifies the authenticity of a stamp, signature and authority of the officer to sign it. Legalization is not proving its formal validity nor its accordance with the law. If the legalized document is written in other than the Czech or Slovak languages, it is necessary to submit a court translation of the document (into the Czech or Slovak language). Legalization is indicated on the document with a clause and official stamp. Legalization is provided by the Ministry of Interior, regional authorities, local councils, municipal councils, military zone offices, post office licence holders or the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic.

Sources of law:

  • Act No. 21/2006 Coll., On verification of compliance with a transcript or a copy of the document and signature authentication and amending certain Acts (the Verification Act).
  • Act No. 358/1992 Coll. On notaries and their activities (the Notarial Code), as amended
  • Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 272/2000 Coll. on the authentication of signature or transcript/copy of an instrument by the shipmaster
  • Decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 32/1969 Sb. on Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

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