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A notary is a lawyer licensed by the government to perform a notarial office. Notaries act as court commissioners in matters of inheritance, produce notarial records (on negotiations, general meetings, meetings of legal persons, declarations, etc.), authentication and legalization. They confirm that a document has been submitted and when, protest notes and other documents submitted to exercise certain rights, issue records from the land register, trade register, criminal register, certify deeds related to European companies and cooperatives, certify meeting requirements for international mergers for registration in the trade register, take money and documents into custody. Notaries, then, can provide legal counsel in meetings with individual or legal persons and authorities, in administrative procedures and, with exceptions, at civil court procedings.

Sources of law:

  • Act No. 358/1992 Coll. On notaries and their activities (the Notarial Code), as amended.

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