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A vidimus is an authentication of the copy of the original document. It doesn't, however verify the accuracy of the content of the document. A vidimus is in the form of a clause attached to the document and an official stamp. A vidimus is provided by notaries, regional authorities, local authorities, municipalities, town or city hall departments, military zone offices, the post-office, Chamber of Commerce, consular posts and embassies of the Czech Republic abroad and captains of vessels flying the Czech Republic flag.

Sources of law:

  • Act No. 21/2006 Coll., On verification of compliance with a transcript or a copy of the document and signature authentication and amending certain Acts (the Verification Act).
  • Act No. 358/1992 Coll. On notaries and their activities (the Notarial Code), as amended
  • Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 272/2000 Coll. on the authentication of signature or transcript/copy of an instrument by the shipmaster
  • Decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 32/1969 Coll. on Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

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