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Recognition of foreign education and qualification
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Recognition of Professional Qualification - Third Country Nationals

How to proceed when my profession is regulated and the Act on Recognition of Professional Qualification doesn't apply to me?

If your profession is regulated, you need to search the directory of regulated professions (Ministry of Education) and find out the requirements for the performance of your profession.

Requirements may be very specific and different for each profession. They may be the level of education, practical experience or examination in the Czech Republic.

Under the name of your profession in the directory is specified how your competence is to be demonstrated. If one of the requirements is a completed education, you need to have the document of completed education recognized (university education, secondary or higher education).

How to recognize
How do I have my education recognized?

Among the other required documents might be the document of professional experience.

What should the document of professional experience look like?

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The document of completed professional experience doesn't have a prescribed form. It has to be a document issued by an employer which contains a name of the regulated profession, length of professional experience in the regulated profession, position in which you performed the profession, and the list of duties you performed should be included. If you performed a regulated profession as an individual, the professional experience may be proved by completed projects. The length of the period when you were performing as a self-employed person.

The document of professional experience issued by employer needs to be translated into the Czech language by the court translator.

How do I obtain a court translation?

Other documents need to be submitted according to the instruction in the directory of professions.

Any other questions may be addressed to the recognition authority responsible for the recognition of your profession.

The recognition authority contact can be found in the directory under the name of your profession.

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